Millennia Wound Management, Inc.
Subsidiary company of Millennia Holdings, Inc.

A Message from Our Chief Medical Officer
Chugo Rinoie, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine,
American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics Certified Wound Specialist

Millennia has been providing assistance in the wound care. Our goal is to establish a place in the healthcare system for patients who are suffering from any chronic non-healing wound. Through facilities for specialized medical management which we call Wound Care Center, we will provide the highest standard of care to alleviate patients’ pain and suffering, remove fear of limb loss, and secure assurance.

We at Millennia do not accomplish these by ourselves, but with help from multi-disciplinary care providers including hospitals, doctors, nurses, allied health, patient’s family and lastly patients themselves. We have a great expectation for the future of Wound Care.

Our Services:

1. Consulting service to start new wound care centers (clinics) in Japan

  • Start-up program covering staffing, supplies, assessment methods and systematic treatment programs

2. Clinical consultations by U.S. doctors of podiatric medicine and trained nurses.

  • Regular case conferences

  • Visits by Millennia Staff

3. Provide database

  • By utilizing our database for entering assessment
    & treatment data, client can receive data analysis report that includes over-all healing rate and financial profiles.

  • Assisting clinical study by database support

4. Staff Education

  • Updates on current wound care trends in the U.S.

  • Other educational materials for staff

5. Marketing support & Community Seminars

  • Organizing community seminars & conferences

  • Marketing tools

  • Coordination with Media

Millennia Wound Care Centers in Japan: